Peter before the Sanhedrin

Peter declared before the Sanhedrin that salvation only comes through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who has become the cornerstone of the building, in fulfilment of Psalm 118:22.

When Peter and John were released by the Sanhedrin, they returned to the believers, who joined them in prayer, and in that prayer they declared that Christ is God’s anointed, against whom the nations were conspiring, in fulfilment of Psalm 2:1-2.

After an interval, Peter and John were walking up to the temple and they met a man who had been crippled from birth. When this man sought alms from them, Peter and John looked at him, and when they had got his full attention, Peter commanded the man to walk. He immediately got up and walked and jumped about, in great excitement, causing a commotion. So Peter took the opportunity to speak to the crowd, again with a structured argument:

  • Jesus: This man has been healed through Jesus, the man you handed over to be killed.
    • Faith: Yet by faith in Jesus, this man has been made strong.
      • Prophet: Jesus’ death was foretold by the prophets.
        • Jesus will come again, as he promised.
      • Prophet: Moses foretold the coming of a prophet like himself.
    • Faith: Anyone who does not believe in Jesus will be cut off from Israel.
  • Jesus: When God raised Jesus, he sent him to you, so you could turn from your sins.

The leaders of the people were angry that Peter and John were openly teaching the people and proclaiming Jesus had risen from the dead. So they put them in prison and the next day ordered that they explain themselves before the Sanhedrin, which Peter proceeded to do, declaring that the man who had been crippled was now healed through the name of Jesus.