New Testament

The New Testament provides eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings, as well as authentic letters from the leading players in the early Church.

Some of the evidence is not obvious, and is frequently misunderstood. These matters are addressed here.


The Gospels are an important source of eyewitness testimony to the life and teachings of Jesus. They were not pre-planned, but emerged out of the activities of the earliest Christians, and served to help the Christian message to be spread more widely.

First gospel account

Matthew’s Message

Luke’s History

Mark’s Gospel – Peter’s anecdotes

John the Disciple – a reflective gospel account

New Testament Letters

Most of Paul’s letters are self-revealing in regard to content and purpose. Only Ephesians and the Pastorals (Timothy and Titus) are really controversial. More importantly, Peter’s are greatly under-appreciated and worthy of more intensive study.

1 Peter

2 Peter


1 Timothy and Titus

Correspondence Analysis of New Testament Letters