Historiography in relation to the Bible involves examining the Bible as a historical source, including using non-Biblical source material to complete the picture.

History and the Bible

Secular history can inform our study of the Bible. More surprisingly, the Bible can inform our study of secular history.

Understanding genre

When reading the Bible, not everything is always exactly as it seems. It is necessary to recognize the genre of each separate work. Not all books that look like history are history; not everything that comes to us as a single book started its life as a single book.

Evidence and Analysis

Classifying the evidence provided in the Biblical texts into categories such as eyewitness testimony, encapsulated oral traditions, personal reflections, prophetic / polemic pieces, and so on, is the first step. Analysis follows, and this requires an open mind to the possibilities of what the text can reveal to us.

Old Testament

The Old Testament presents many historical, literary and theological challenges. Addressing these from an historical perspective can bring new insights.

New Testament

The New Testament provides eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings, as well as authentic letters from the leading players in the early Church.